Bonnie Tung is a Motion Graphics Designer as well as a Media/Installation Artist. 

Her objective for a career in Motion Graphics is to capitalize on her passion for creativity as well as the technical skills she has cultivated for the past few years—and to use these skills towards the betterment of her future employers and professional practices. She is constantly looking for collaborative opportunities that will allow her to grow and face new challenges.

As a media and installation artist, she strives to create single channel animations and experiential spaces that immerse the viewer with moving picture and light. She also draws inspiration from environments that have the ability to hold a public presence such as gardens, pavilions, and fairs to create intricate landscapes that can inhabit both digital and physical space.  

She has completed a bachelors of fine arts in Drawing and Painting with a specialization in Digital Painting and Expanded animation. And although it is a program based on generating work from the computer, she has taken additional fabrication classes in order to develop her practice into the realm of sculpture and installation art. After leaving the academic setting, she hopes to have the opportunity to exhibit her work in galleries as well as film festivals from around the world.

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