3' x 11' x 11'
plastic, wood
2 channel projection
installation with sound

Documentation by: Jamie AM

LOOP  is a suspended circle with animations running endlessly across its curvature,  an advantage of the illusionary properties
 that can be achieved with plastic  material, projected light and pixels. It is an invitation to an immersive and mediated reality.

The  inspiration for this installation comes primarily from my love for early cinema. Drawing from the likes of George Melies and
the Lumiere Brothers, I  strive to create the sense of immersion and magic achieved by these seminal figures of the time.
 Along with this, is my fondness for the devices of earlycinema, especially that of the zoetrope. It’s circular form and novel
craftsmanship have seeped into my own digital practice as evident in the outcome of LOOP.   

Exhibited  at:

Luminato  Festival  2016--10th anniversary: https://luminatofestival.com/

OCADU’S  Gradex  101



Blogto:  http://www.blogto.com/slideshows/hearn-luminato-2016-toronto/9608/

Urban  Toronto:  http://urbantoronto.ca/news/2016/06/inside-hearn-previewing-luminatos-massive-makeover

Toronto  Sun:  http://www.torontosun.com/2016/06/09/luminato-moves-to-generating-station

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